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Custom Laptop


ProStar is one of the few computer outlets specializing in laptops and complementing accessories, with features that allow you to design your own custom laptop before shipping. New 21st Century technology in notebooks and laptops, allows you to increase your productivity if you use it for business because you can work from any location. When it concerns a state-of-the-art custom laptop we offer you to own a laptop at a fraction of a price you will pay at any other outlet with special offer savings and hot deals we regularly feature as well. Simply use the configure link to choose the preferred hardware and software for your custom laptop, and you will also see that the price will automatically change accordingly.

It is possible for you to manage your business from any location using a laptop or enjoy the ultimate in gaming pleasure as well, if your features allow this. You can configure your graphics cards, and onboard processors to dual and quad core options, and choose the right size screen according to your preferences. Build an extreme gaming custom laptop, and look forward to the best possible features on the market. Our choice of hardware is the top options currently available so you can make your laptop with everything of the best. Check all the links out to the excellent models in Intel and HP laptops with top level Vista software packages according to your choice, and after you are satisfied, proceed to check out and we will have your custom laptop on its way to you in no time. You also get a thirty day money back guarantee for your peace of mind.

Pro Star has all the well-known laptop brand names available on the market, as well as notebooks and accessories like spare batteries, adapters, car power supplies, carry bags, and gaming accessories. Because you are purchasing your custom laptop from a reputable supplier like Pro Star, you can have the confidence of a great backup service and ongoing technical support. As well as this, you can rest assured of the best in custom laptop equipment that will not let you down, and you also have peace of mind that we offer you expert after-sales support if anything does go wrong.

When you have designed your custom laptop, be sure to double check it to be certain it is exactly what you need in features. If you want more information on any of our equipment, like laptops and relevant accessories, then our expert staff dedicated to client satisfaction is ready to provide you with great advice. Pro Star will always be there when you need help to choose the right laptops, and we will be pleased to help you find exactly what you need with a custom laptop for gaming or for business needs. Save thousands of dollars choosing laptops and accessories from us because our prices are well below recommended retail and added to this, we have some exciting promotions to add even more value.

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