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Ultimate Gaming Laptop


The ultimate gaming laptop evolved through generations of brilliant researchers and individuals who contributed their knowledge and experience. Computers go back in time for centuries; the abacus which was developed by the Chinese is a form of computer. Computers are so named because they make speedy computations in short periods of time. A gaming computer or laptop has become the ultimate PC that is capable of playing modern and developing video games. The main difference between standard computers and gaming laptops is the addition of a performance-orientated video card. The ultimate gaming laptop is built today to achieve ultimate performance for actual gameplay. Games are used as a benchmark for the highest possible performance scores or figures.

A gaming laptop is the mobile equivalent of gaming desktops and is typically custom-made. Pro Star offers the ultimate range of this product. Pro Star has been committed to the latest mobile technology and service for the past fifteen years. The quality can be compared to the expensive and exclusive custom built models. Customer support is one of the main reasons why gaming enthusiasts rely on Pro Star for full after-care service. Ultimate gaming laptop supply requires expertise and affordability - it has become a specialized field. Pro Star has provided a superior and the latest trends since their establishment in 1992. The focus is on the world's best gaming laptops, exceeding client expectations and the development of innovative strategies, configurations and features.

A Pro Star gaming laptop often rivals and surpasses counterpart desktop PCs in speed, flexibility, versatility and ultimate quality. Many firsts in laptop technology have been initiated by Pro Star. Since 2001 Pro Star joined Microsoft OEM System Builder Gold Member - Intel Premier Provider was joined in 2004. The partnership with Microsoft and Intel allowed Pro Star to demonstrate its excellence, quality and integrity. More recently the ultimate partnership was announced of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Intel Channel Partner Premier Member. The advancement of the gaming laptop market does not stop here; Pro Star has joined forces with AMD, ATI, NVIDIA, Seagate, Hitachi and Teac. The push for better graphics, color fidelity and sound cards will also continue.

An example of one of the ultimate gaming laptops supplied by Pro Star is the 9194 NVIDIA SLi Technology and Intel Xeon Processor Laptop. With four execution cores, the Intel Core 2 Quad processor blows through processor-intensive tasks in demanding multitasking environments and makes the most of highly threaded applications. The proud owners of this system will annihilate gaming enemies and change the way they do everything. Clients can pioneer the new world of quad-core and unleash the power of multithreading. NVIDIA GeForce 9M Series GPUs, light up pixels on the ultimate laptop gaming models and bring visual brilliance in features demanded by mobile lifestyles across the spectrum. Clients who own this system have the best of both worlds - great performance and extended battery life.

Pro Star supply and service is not limited to the client interested in ultimate gaming laptop technology. A full variety of custom build laptops for individual, corporate, government and educational uses are available. Exceptional value in the quality of laptops and the knowledge of customer service, technical and sales staff are definite strengths. Pro Star can customize the ultimate gaming laptop for individual customers or workloads to be carried by fleets of laptops. Pro Star can be contacted immediately. The web site can be accessed at: . As a leader in ultimate laptop gaming technology, this site boasts the best and latest services for visitors on line. Pro Star is "Committed to provide solutions to your business or personal needs."

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